Sunday, July 15, 2007

51st European Go Congress

July 14 - 28, Villach, Austria

The two-week long European Go Congress takes place in a different european country every year.

In 2007, Austria has the honour of holding the Congress in Villach.
We are expecting Go players from Europe, Japan, Korea, China, USA, South Africa and other countries, of widely different strengths - from 30 kyu to 9 dan professional.

Apart from numerous Go events there will be cultural and sports events.

The main event will be open to everyone, including complete beginners and non-Europeans.

The flexible tournament system (MacMahon) enables all participants to play in as few or many of the ten rounds as they wish.

At the same time, the main tournament is also the European Go Championship; the best European will become European Champion, a title currently held by Svetlana Shikshina from Russia.

The region around Villach — the Carinthian lake district in Austria's most southern province — unites all the advantages of both mediterranean and alpine climates in a unique harmony.

The lake closest to Villach — Lake Ossiacher See — has a water temperature of 26° Celsius (79° Fahrenheit) in summer and, like all lakes in the region, offers drinking water quality. Villach, with its spa Warmbad is a health resort 500m above sea level, and the whole region is a protected area.

Moreover, Villach has a history of 900 years and is the cultural center of southern Austria.

The city is a hub of major traffic routes and therefore very easy to reach. Apart from numerous hiking trails, castles, ruins and excellent gastronomy the region caters to all other touristic interests as well.

Go events

1. The main tournament
2. The European Masters Tournament
3. The weekend tournament
4. Plenty of side go tournaments: random-pairing-rengo-variant, Rapid Go, 9 x 9, 13 x 13
5. The EGF Annual General Meeting
6. For our shogi friends: shogi workshop
7. Juggling competition


Money prizes for top 10 of Open European Championship
1. € 3.000
2. € 1.800
3. € 1.000
4. € 900
5. € 800
6. € 700
7. € 600
8. € 500
9. € 400
10. € 300
sum € 10.000

Bonus for top 5 EGF members
(nationality must be one of the EGF member countries)
1. € 1.600
2. € 1.300
3. € 1.000
4. € 700
5. € 400
sum € 5.000

Any other prizes will be non-cash prizes
Prizes for European Masters (Weekend) will be awarded by EGF.
Any other tournaments just non-cash-prizes.

1st day

Go-report with Alexander Dinerchtein 1p, day 1 at the 51th European Go Congress Villach 2007. Every day this Go Congress Alexander Dinerstein, Breakfast at KGS will give us great lessons!

Round 1

Board 1
Rudi Verhagen(right), (5a) - Seok-bin Cho, (7a) - W+R

Board 2
Andrey Cheburakhov(right), (5d) - Alexander Dinershtein, (1p) - W+R

Board 3
Hong-Seok(right), (7d) - Cornel Burzo, (6d) - B+R

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