Monday, June 18, 2007

Han Sanghoon - phenomenal success!

Few days ago Han Sanghoon, 1-dan surprised the world by winning two 9-dans straight in the recent LG cup: Ryu Shikun and Gu Li: Han Sanghoon games
His interview was already published few issues ago, but we decided to mention his success and compose another one from two different sources:


- You have the highest winning percentage in Korea: 17 wins-2 loses (on 08.05.2007). Will you keep this lead in future?
- I will spoil it quickly after entering important tournaments. My current first place has no meaning at all, because these games are mainly from the first stages of local tournaments

- You almost lost your chance to become a professional as an insei, because of the age limit. What do you think about the current Korean system?
- It was really hard to get a 1-dan. I played 15 qualification tournaments during the last 6 years, including 6 main tournaments (leagues for best 10 players). I got second places 3 times and missed some very good chances. This time it was my last chance to qualify and I used it! There are at least 5 inseis, who are not weaker than me at all, so we can say, that I was just lucky.

- What do you think about the world of professional Go?
- Now I have a chance to play some tournaments with long thinking time control, like 2 or 3 hours per person, and I enjoy them a lot. Usually I use all of my time and play under the byoyomi pressure. Nowadays I am learning a lot from other professionals.

- Tommorow you will meet Park Yeonghun, 9-dan at the semifinal of the Wangwi cup. What do you think about your chances? (A.D: Han won that game)
- I saw lot of Park’s games and know his playing style well. His Go is really solid and we can rarely see mistakes in his games. I think, that my chances are slightly smaller.

- Who is the strongest Korean professional? How do you think?
- Lee Sedol, 9-dan? His reading is best in the world! Lee Changho, Park Yeonghun, Choi Chelhan are also really strong. From Chinese players we can mention Gu Li, 9-dan

- When did you learn Go?
- I was 8 years old and my parents bring me to the Go school, which not far from my home. Later I become a student of Kim Weon, 7-dan

- What can you tell as about your playing style?
- My Go is not territorial-oriented. Usually I get thick positions and use them for attacking or invading. The weakest parts of my Go are fuseki and endgame.

- How do you study Go?
- Every day I replay professional games for about 6 hours. If I have a free time, I enjoy watching and playing billiard and basketball.

- What are your future goals?
- Currently I am not stronger at all than other Korean junior players. Within 3 years I will try to win some tournaments for young professionals. I became a professional later than others, so I have to work harder and more seriously than them.


- What do you think about your game with Chinese ranking #1 Gu Li, 9-dan? (Gu Li(9p) - Han Sanghoon(1p) - W+R)
- We played a very unusual joseki in the upper left corner and I got a successful result. Later the position was always favorable for me

- How did you prepare for this game?
- I replayed lot of his games and was well prepared. Before the game I decided to take White, if I have a choice. He won the nigiri and took Black, so we both were happy

- What can you tell us about your future plans?
- I reached the 2nd round of the LG cup. Now I would like to win this tournament!

Translated from korean Alexandre Dinerchtein

Friday, June 15, 2007

19th Asian TV Cup

19th Asian TV Cup, finalFinal

Lee Sedol(9p) - Chen Yaoye(5p) - B+R

Lee Sedol

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

12 LG, 2nd round.

That's tournaments always nice days!

2nd round, Seoul, Korea.

Gu Li, 9 dan, vs Han Sanghoon, 1 dan. Very hard testing for 1 dan. Unbelievably, but number one of China was overpowed by 1 korean dan, who has got pro status few months ago!

Gu Li(9p) - Han Sanghoon(1p) - W+R

Yamashita Keigo, 9 dan, can sleep while playing :-). Lee Sedol, 9 dan, too serious.

Lee Sedol(9p) - Wang Lei(8p) - B+R
On Sojin(3p) - Yamashita Keigo(9p) - B+R

Park Jungsang, 9 dan, again got very strong opponent - Xie He, 6 dan. The title holder of Fujitsu Cup in very complicated game defeted one of the best china players.

Xie He(6p) - Park Jungsang(9p) - W+R

As the result of second round: only one favorite player from China stay, Hu Yaoyu, 8 дан. From Japan only Kono Rin, 9 dan, pass to next round. The big sensation - young korean baduk players show good results. The main favorites stay: Lee Sedol, 9 dan, and Cho U, 9 dan.

Han Sanghoon, 1 dan and On Sojin, 3 dan.