Wednesday, June 6, 2007

12 LG, 2nd round.

That's tournaments always nice days!

2nd round, Seoul, Korea.

Gu Li, 9 dan, vs Han Sanghoon, 1 dan. Very hard testing for 1 dan. Unbelievably, but number one of China was overpowed by 1 korean dan, who has got pro status few months ago!

Gu Li(9p) - Han Sanghoon(1p) - W+R

Yamashita Keigo, 9 dan, can sleep while playing :-). Lee Sedol, 9 dan, too serious.

Lee Sedol(9p) - Wang Lei(8p) - B+R
On Sojin(3p) - Yamashita Keigo(9p) - B+R

Park Jungsang, 9 dan, again got very strong opponent - Xie He, 6 dan. The title holder of Fujitsu Cup in very complicated game defeted one of the best china players.

Xie He(6p) - Park Jungsang(9p) - W+R

As the result of second round: only one favorite player from China stay, Hu Yaoyu, 8 дан. From Japan only Kono Rin, 9 dan, pass to next round. The big sensation - young korean baduk players show good results. The main favorites stay: Lee Sedol, 9 dan, and Cho U, 9 dan.

Han Sanghoon, 1 dan and On Sojin, 3 dan.

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