Monday, June 18, 2007

Han Sanghoon - phenomenal success!

Few days ago Han Sanghoon, 1-dan surprised the world by winning two 9-dans straight in the recent LG cup: Ryu Shikun and Gu Li: Han Sanghoon games
His interview was already published few issues ago, but we decided to mention his success and compose another one from two different sources:


- You have the highest winning percentage in Korea: 17 wins-2 loses (on 08.05.2007). Will you keep this lead in future?
- I will spoil it quickly after entering important tournaments. My current first place has no meaning at all, because these games are mainly from the first stages of local tournaments

- You almost lost your chance to become a professional as an insei, because of the age limit. What do you think about the current Korean system?
- It was really hard to get a 1-dan. I played 15 qualification tournaments during the last 6 years, including 6 main tournaments (leagues for best 10 players). I got second places 3 times and missed some very good chances. This time it was my last chance to qualify and I used it! There are at least 5 inseis, who are not weaker than me at all, so we can say, that I was just lucky.

- What do you think about the world of professional Go?
- Now I have a chance to play some tournaments with long thinking time control, like 2 or 3 hours per person, and I enjoy them a lot. Usually I use all of my time and play under the byoyomi pressure. Nowadays I am learning a lot from other professionals.

- Tommorow you will meet Park Yeonghun, 9-dan at the semifinal of the Wangwi cup. What do you think about your chances? (A.D: Han won that game)
- I saw lot of Park’s games and know his playing style well. His Go is really solid and we can rarely see mistakes in his games. I think, that my chances are slightly smaller.

- Who is the strongest Korean professional? How do you think?
- Lee Sedol, 9-dan? His reading is best in the world! Lee Changho, Park Yeonghun, Choi Chelhan are also really strong. From Chinese players we can mention Gu Li, 9-dan

- When did you learn Go?
- I was 8 years old and my parents bring me to the Go school, which not far from my home. Later I become a student of Kim Weon, 7-dan

- What can you tell as about your playing style?
- My Go is not territorial-oriented. Usually I get thick positions and use them for attacking or invading. The weakest parts of my Go are fuseki and endgame.

- How do you study Go?
- Every day I replay professional games for about 6 hours. If I have a free time, I enjoy watching and playing billiard and basketball.

- What are your future goals?
- Currently I am not stronger at all than other Korean junior players. Within 3 years I will try to win some tournaments for young professionals. I became a professional later than others, so I have to work harder and more seriously than them.


- What do you think about your game with Chinese ranking #1 Gu Li, 9-dan? (Gu Li(9p) - Han Sanghoon(1p) - W+R)
- We played a very unusual joseki in the upper left corner and I got a successful result. Later the position was always favorable for me

- How did you prepare for this game?
- I replayed lot of his games and was well prepared. Before the game I decided to take White, if I have a choice. He won the nigiri and took Black, so we both were happy

- What can you tell us about your future plans?
- I reached the 2nd round of the LG cup. Now I would like to win this tournament!

Translated from korean Alexandre Dinerchtein


DarkKirua said...

And yesterday,Han has won against Cho Hunhyun sensei by resign.I think he'll become one of the strongest go players in the futur^^!

Go news said...

Yes, that unbelievable ! He became pro only few month ago... Continue observe for him :-)

Gluk said...

I really like to follow Sanghoon. He is already playing top players less than one year after turning pro.

If he wins against On Sojin in the LG cup is going to be the first 1d to ever reach a final of an international tournament.

I am not sure how promotion works in Korea but I guess next year he will be promoted to at least 4d, no ?

Go news said...

Maybe, maybe...
Today in 3rd round of 12 LG cup he is too good...
By the way, Lee Changho and Yoo Changhuyk became 9p without 8p...