Monday, July 23, 2007

51st European Go Congress, Weekend Tournament

Seok-ui Hong 7d (KR) won the 2-day 5-round European Go Congress weekend tournament

366 participants.
Did not take part the best european playes due to European Masters Tournament.

The top table tournament look like the main table. :-)
1 HONG, SEOK UI 7d KR 24 23+ 5+ 13+ 3+ 2+ 5 111
2 PARK, JONG WOOK 7d KR 23 7+ 6+ 4+ 17+ -1 4 112
3 Cho, Seok-bin 7d KR 23 8+ 11+ 12+ -1 20+ 4 111

Weekend tournament table

Five-game winners included Ondra Kruml 2d (CZ), Yorrick Traxler, a young 2-kyu from Vienna, two young female players, Lena Gauthier 4k (DE) and Diana Blaszczyk 5k (PL), Remi Henache 5k (FR), Giardano d'Obici 5k (IT), Roland Lezuo 6k (AT), Kris Boyen, 10k (BE), Peter Harold-Berry 14k (UK).

In the second half of main tournament the key point is: will be able withstand the top russian players Alexander Dinerstein 8d and Ilya Shikshin 6d to koreans amateurs.

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