Saturday, July 21, 2007

51st European Go Congress, European Masters Tournament

1 round
1. Cornel Burzo(b) 6d RO - Alexander Dinerstein 8d RU - W+R
2. Andrej Kulkov(b) 6d RU - Cristian Pop 7d RO - W+R
3. Ilya Shiksin(b) 6d RU - Mero Csaba 6d HU - B+R

2 round
1. Alexander Dinerstein(b) 8d RU - Pal Balogh 6d HU - B+R
2. Cristian Pop(b) RO 7d - Ilya Shiksin 6d RU - W+R
3. Ondrej Silt(b) 6d CZ - Cornel Burzo 6d RO - B+R

3 round
1. Alexander Dinerstein(b) 8d RU - Ilya Shikshin 6d RU - B+R
2. Mero Csaba(b) 6d HU - Pal Balogh 6d HU - B+5.5
3. Onrej Silt(b) 6d CZ - Cristian Pop 7d RO - W+R

Alexander Dinerstein won European Masters Tournament!

photos by Martin Chrz

The complete results:
1. Alexandre Dinerchtein 8d
2. Ilya Shiksin 6d
3-4. Cristian Pop 7d/Csaba Mero 6d
5-6. Pal Balogh 6d/Ondrej Silt 6d
7-8. Cornel Burzo 6d/Kulkov Andrej 6d

“I was behind on territory,” Dinerchtein told the EJ right after the match, “but I had a thick position and I was able to get some compensation for the thickness.” Dinerchtein revealed that Shiksin, “who normally has an attacking style,” has changed his style recently “and is now playing for territory. If he used his attacking style, I don’t know what would happen, but I am confident about handling the territorial style, so his current style is good for me.”

Since there’s currently no sponsor for the Masters, there were no cash prizes for the winners, but each player got $150 euro playing fee.


Anonymous said...

What was the result in the first round of Silt - Balogh ?

Go news said...

Sorry, no info about they...