Friday, July 13, 2007

2007 Korean Baduk League, Paek Hongsuk (5d) (Team Ulsan Dearche) - Park Seungcheol (5d) (Team GS KIXX)

This is one more example of manego. The Mirror Go, one player plays each move at a point that "mirrors" his opponent's previous move. Usually, the "mirror" is a 180-degree rotation about the tengen.

The theory behind Mirror Go is that a move that mirrors the opponent's move can't be worse off. Also, the player who mirrors the moves can abort the mirroring process when his opponent makes a bad move, giving him an advantage.

Usually the manego will finished when one player take the tengen. But even after that the mirror can continue.

This is example in game between Paek Hongsuk(5d), black, (Team Ulsan Dearche) and Park Seungcheol(5d), white, (Team GS KIXX) from 2007 Korean Baduk League.

We can see, in that game white successfully used this strategy. One interesting moment in this game, that score in match between these teams was 2:2. That game was impotant, Park Seungcheol, 5 dan, selected mirror statery and won the game.

Paek Hongsuk, (Team Ulsan Dearche)(5p) - Park Seungcheol, (Team GS KIXX)(5p) - W+R