Friday, April 20, 2007

Korean League 2007

Rules: The top players in the Korean rating list will take part in Korean League without passing qualification tournament. Other players have to qualify.

Each team has an official coach. The coaches decide the members of their teams. In addition, they can invite one master who did not qualify (wild card).

Each team consists of 6 players.

The first team (who won the right to decide the members first) invited Lee Sedol. The second team invited Lee Changho. Third one invited Choi Chelhan and so on.

The team selections produced some sensations:
1. Kim Yeonghwan, 8-dan, the coach of "Ulsan Diache" invited Paek Hongseok, 5-dan as the first member of his team.
2. Lee Hongyeol, 9-dan, the coach of "Chael Haje" team invited Pae Chunhe, 1-dan as the second member of his team although many top players were still available, including Yoo Changhyuk, Cho Hunhyun, Rui Naiwei and others. This was surprising!
3. Yun Kihyeon, 9-dan, invited Han Sanghoon, 1-dan as the second member of his team.
4. Chang Suyeong, 9-dan, the coach of "World Meridian" team gave a wild card to Park Chonhan, 1-dan, another unknown player, while it was still possible to invite Seo Bongsu, Choi Myeonghun or other top players, who failed to qualify initially.

In my opinion (Alexander Dinerchtein) the strongest team is "World Meridian", which consists of Choi Chelhan, Yoo Changhyuk, Yun Chunsang, Lee Jaeung, Cho Hyeyeon and Park Chonhan.
Translated from korean Alexandre Dinerchtein

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