Monday, February 5, 2007

Korea rating list

Lee Changho, 9-dan, lost his No. 1 position in Korean Rating list.

The current list is:
1. Lee Sedol, 9-dan 20,466 (red line on chart)
2. Lee Changho, 9-dan 20,179 (blue line on chart)
3. Choi Chelhan, 9-dan 17,465
4. Park Yeunhun, 9-dan 16,176
5. Cho Hanseung, 9-dan 15,499
6. Park Cheongsang, 9-dan 15,396
7. Ko Gunte, 5-dan 13,832
8. An Joyoung, 9-dan 13,798
9. Weon Songjin, 7-dan 13,795
10. Lee Younkyu, 6-dan 13,686

The largest changes:
Yoo Changhyuk, 9-dan went 4 places down, from 15th to 19th place
Mok Chinseok, 9-dan improved his position from 18th to 15th place
Hong Minpyo, 5-dan also improved his standing a lot, from 24th to 21st place

Translated from korean Alexandre Dinerchtein

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