Friday, March 2, 2007

18th Europe Ing Memorial

It's the eighteenth time this invitation tournament for the European top players has been held. 24 of the strongest European players have been be invited. They compete for more than 10,000 Euro of prize money. Amongst others the professionals Catalin Taranu, Alexandr Dinerstein and Guo Juan are participating. The tournament lasts 6 rounds. The final two rounds take place on a floating Chinese restaurant.

The Ing Memorial tournament (formerly Ing Cup) takes place in memory of the late Ing Chang-Ki, who died in 1997. His 'Ing Chan-Ki Educational Foundation' actively organizes go projects all over the world to stimulate the promotion of go amongst childern. Ing Chang-Ki developed interesting rules for go that fill in gaps in the 'traditional' rules and are very suitable for teaching go to children. The Ing Foundation supports the European Go Federation with a sum of 100,000 US dollars on a yearly basis. The Ing Memorial is one of the projects that are funded with this money.

Every second year the tournament takes place in the European Go Centre in Amstelveen. 2007 is so.
Address: Schokland 14, 1181HV Amstelveen

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