Monday, October 1, 2007

An interview with Kang Dongyun, 7-dan

An interview with Kang Dongyun, 7-dan, the winner of the Korean Osram cup (New stars tournament)

What can you tell us about your last game with Paek Hongseok, 5-dan?
It was a close game. He made some aggressive moves and lost it at the end, probably because he thought, the he is behind. Actually it was still close

You won King of Kings tournament with short thinking time control (10 min) and Osram cup, which is blitz tournament too (5 min per player with byoyomi). Can we say, that you are good at speed Go?
I don't think so. There are lots of mistakes from each side, if we play blitz. This time my opponents made more mistakes then me, so we can say that I was just lucky.

We heard that you play Go by internet a lot. Does it help you in blitz tournaments and can we say that your achievements in tournaments with long-thinking control are not as good, because of it?
Internet Go is very useful, I think. It helps to improve your reading and it's good for studying new patterns. I try to play Go as much as I can with other professionals offline, but I also want to play Go in late hours, so I try to find my opponents on Tygem or Cyberoro.

So, what is the reason of your unsuccessful results in other tournaments, except blitz?
There is only one reason – I am not strong enough for beating good opponents. Also, it's hard for me to keep myself concentrated during several hours. Usually I get good openings, but lose my advantage later.

What are your future goals?
I will try to play my games even more seriously than now and ,as any other professionals, I will try to show good results in international tournaments

Translated from korean by Alexander Dinerchtein


Mad Hollander said...

Kang Dongyun has 8-1 win-loss in KBLeague

Go news said...

I see... That you wanted to say this?

DarkKirua said...

Kang is my favourite player.His is rally modest but his go style is exceptionnal.He can beat master!he has a 4-3 record against lee chang ho!!!
I think in 2 or 3 years,he will become a top level player,and why not the best?^^

Go news said...

Yes, Kang Dongyun is very good.
But too many other young players in Korea, so Cho Hyeyeon wrote about
Park Junghwan
He is only 14 yes old, so i can't understand anything :-)