Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Few interviews with Samsung cup participants and spectators opinions

First 2 rounds of the Samsung cup were played this week. We saw several big sensations. You can check the tournament table and game records here: 12 Samsung Cup tournament table

1. Yoo Changhyuk, 9-dan
What do you think about your game with Heo Yeongho, 6-dan?
The position was complicated. It was necessary for him to fight actively, but he missed the chance to start the battle.
What do you think about the pairing and new tournament system?
Kong Jie, 7-dan decided to play with me ( A.D.: They used new system. This time it was possible to decide the opponents for the first round). I was quite angry. Did he think that I am old and weak? I cannot say good words about the new system. It's attractive, of course, for spectators, but it’s not a friendship match. It's a World Go Championship!
Did you prepare well for this tournament?
Recently I am not studying Go at all, I am meeting my friends and drinking soju (A.D: Korean vodka), if I have a free time. I just skipped few meetings, because of this tournament :)
Your next opponent will be Gu LI, 9-dan. What do you think about your chances?
He show much better results than mine recently, but I don’t think that I am weaker!
What is your main goal in Samsung cup?
I already won it about 10 years ago and I will try to repeat my success. It’s not a big difference for me: to lose the first game, or the final one. I must win all of my games!

2. Lee Sedol, 9-dan
Your next opponent is Chang Hao, 9-dan. What do you think about this game?
It will be difficult. I have a good score against Chang Hao, but if the check the game records, we can see that I won some bad positions. I will prepare well and show my best
Your wife and daughter were waiting at the tournament room during the second round. Did they help you or not?
Yes, of course, but I can say that my condition was not so good that day.

3. Han Sanghoon, 1-dan
What can you tell us about your game with Lee Changho, 9-dan?
I was much behind after the opening, but later I made the position closer. Finally Lee Changho, 9-dan made a blunder at the endgame stage. He presented me few points and let me win the game
You enter the quarterfinals of both Samsung and LG cups. Are they different?
I thought that I can show good results in both tournaments. I will try to win at least one of them!
What is the strongest point of your Go?
My opening skill is not yet good, but I feel myself confident in the middlegame. Usually I try to avoid any mistakes in my games and I can do it better, if the time control is long

Opinions of Chinese professionals:
Yu Bin, 9-dan: It was a very hard task to win 4 games from 4 and I am happy that they did it!

Peng Quan, 7-dan: All Chinese masters played well. Chang Hao, 9-dan used a new plan in his game and got a dubious result, but later he take the revenge. Hu Yaoyu, 8-dan played a good opening and keeps his advantage well. Gu Li, 9-dan used his unique style and got an advantage against Kang Dongyun. Later the position was risky for him, but he was lucky. We did not think, that Huang Yizhong, 6-dan will be able to beat Cho Hunhyun, but he surprised as a lot.

Hu Yaoyu’s father: Recently young Chinese players improved a lot and I was not surprised that Huang Yizhong, 6-dan showed an excellent results by beating Choi Chelhan and Cho Hunhyun. My son lost his last game against Huang at the Chinese City League and told me that he is a very dangerous opponent. Of course, it's a pity that they will play each other, but it's important that at least one Chinese will reach the semifinals for sure. I think that Gu Li, 9-dan must be very careful in his next game against Yoo Changhyuk. Yoo is a very experienced opponent and he is good at important matches.

Translated from korean by Alexander Dinerchtein

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