Thursday, March 27, 2008

An interview with Seo Bongsu, 9-dan

An interview with Seo Bongsu, 9-dan, who will take part in King of King’'s Tournament on Tygem Go server, using his real name.

There are 32 players in total, and only one of them Seo Bongsu, 9-dan decided to show his face and play under his real name. The winner of this tournament will get $30.000, the runner up will receive $10.000.

Seo-sabonim, can you please describe us your current life?
Recently I play Go on Tygem Go server all day long. Also long time ago I decided to learn how to play on saxophone and I am taking lessons from my friend now. I thought, that it’s easy to use it, but actually it’s necessary to put a lot of efforts for creating any sound. The only sound I can create now is "Piiik…"

Why did you decide to play in King of King’s Tournament under your real name?
I know that almost all players, who will take part in this event are professionals. It’s good that I can learn something from them – it’s the main goal I have

When did you start to play Go on Tygem?
About 2 months ago. I reached 9-dan exactly in 2-months

What do you think about internet Go?
It’s interesting! Also, it’s interesting to observe games, because they are usually fast. I was a beginner few months ago. I made mouse slips often and was angry every time, when my opponents escape or write bad words about myself. Nowadays I am getting more experience and I don’t pay much attention on such things

It’s possible to choose opponents from 4 countries: Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan. Which players do you play more?
Usually I play in Chinese Room. My opponents are quite strong and it’s hard for me to keep a good score. I heard, that most of Chinese 9-dans on Tygem are professionals, so it’s not surprising that they beat me easily

Do you remember the nicknames of the opponents, you played?
Yes, of course. I have to remember them, so I can take revenge in future. Also I wrote 5 names of players with bad manners and attached this paper near my computer. I will never play them again!

What do you think about your chances in King of King’s Tournament?
They depend on pairing luck. I know, that there are lots of participants, who are stronger than me. I can finish the tournament quickly, if I meet them in first rounds

It’s a 5th King of King’s Tournament , but you are the first professional, who will take part in this event under his real name. Can we say, that it’s easier to play, if people don’t know you?
Yes, it’s true, but I will play for getting pleasure, first of all

Translated from korean by Alexander Dinerchtein


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I enjoy reading these interviews, thank you very much. It's interesting to see that this is the only person playing with their real name.

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go is good

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Nice web site, thanks! I hope there will be more articles and interviews published.